O uso do simple question Am/is/Are Question

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“Am [ late? “No. you’re on time?
o “l: your mother at home? “No. :he’: outf
o’Are Yºur parents at home? “No, theyºre ourf ‘ ‘ “W “” ‘” “” ”ºf ºf”
o ‘I: it cold in your mom? “Yes. a littlcf
Your shoes are nice. Are they new?
Wc. say:
ls she at home? / ls your mother at home.? (no! ‘ls at home your mother?)
Are they new? / Are your shoe: new? (no! “Art new your shoes?)
B Where…?/What…?/Who…?/How… ?lWhy
Where is your mother? ls she at home? . “Where are you from? ‘dea.’
What colour is your car? “It’s reci’ . “How old is joe?” ‘Hc’s 24.’
How are yuur parents? Are they well? . Why are you angry?
How much are those postcards? “Fifty penccf
what’s = what is who’s : whois how”: = how is Where’s : where is
What’s the time? oWho’s that man?
Where’s jill? .How’s your father?
Are you tired?“ “Yes, I am.’
“Are you hungry? ‘No. I’m not but I’m thirsty.
“Is your friend English? “Yes. he is.’
“Are these your keys? ‘Yes, they arc!
“That’s my seat. “No. it ím’t.’

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